About Us


In Hong Kong we are a specialist in printing Books, Catalogs, Brochures, Calendars, Cards, Manuals, Packaging, Marketing Communication, Direct Marketing, & more, both by offset printing and digital printing.

Green Pagoda was founded in 1957 by Mr. A.M. Mishevsky & Mr. A.W. Brown, O.B.E, J.P. Green Pagoda has been around for five decades and served local and foreign clients alike from the very first day of business. This background really means something when you're thinking on a regional or even global scale.

When you walk into Green Pagoda's conference room you can't miss these "Rules of the Printing Industry". You read them, we observe them. These rules have saved us from getting rotten especially when making fast money was the motto of some of the players in the industry. Believe it or not, we now worship them.

Green Pagoda was lucky enough to start off with some well-known clients such as Baker & McKenzie, Gemex, Hutchison Whampoa Group, HongkongBank, Standard Chartered Bank, and have grown healthily ever since. When our clients grows, they give us a chance to grow. And when we do, we provide them with a wider range of services to help them grow even further. Wouldn't you like to share this snowballing growth with us?

We also grow our own boss.

Mr. Yip put his feet in this industry 64 years ago as an accountant & secretary in Green Pagoda. After 25 years of blood and sweat, he bought the company and became our Managing Director in 1981.

Mr. Yip isn't just a hero in the company. His commitment and contribution to the printing industry are well recognized and highly respected - he now holds some leading posts such as the Chairman of the Hong Kong Printers Association, Chairman of the VTC Printing Industry Training Board, the Honorary Advisor of Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong and advisor of Hong Kong District Affairs to XinHua News Agency (HK Branch). He was awarded by the HKSAR government in 2003 for his devotion and contribution to the printing industry.

As Mr. Yip understands the company and industry so well, he continues to lead Green Pagoda to stay ahead in the market.

Our Philosophy

As our Clients are our partners and friends, we are plain honest to them. If we can't meet a requested deadline, we say so before the Client is committed.

And if we promise a deadline, we firmly stick to it.

How can we achieve this? By offering full-line services. As everything is done under one roof, we have an excellent control over the whole process and thus can do our job more efficiently, leaving our Clients worry-free.

Despite the fact that our Clients are enjoying our productivity and efficiency, we still invest heavily in new technology. Why? Because we want to grow with our Clients, in a faster pace.

Considering the price of office space, it's quite unusual that we keep our Clients' plain name cards (i.e. cards with company's logo only). Yet, when a Client places a new order (e.g. cards for new employees), these cards become really handy and allow us to deliver in a matter of hours. This practice is pretty costly to us, yet we keep it because our Clients like it.

Our competitors are quite surprised when they find us plan ahead for our Clients. When our Clients give us their year plan for their conferences, we work out the production schedule for all the materials needed, get ourselves prepared and alert the Clients for all the deadlines. We can even help them coordinating with overseas suppliers! In short, our Clients get no surprises.

Our Services

Green Pagoda started off by providing letterpress printing only. Now, in addition to offset printing, we offer full-line services from pre-press services such as creative ideas, graphic design, web design, banner & poster, to all kinds of finishing services, like engraving and binding. To further control our quality, a full time professional proof-reader is here to check all the works twice before they go to print. With our all rounded services, a Client comes with an order and leaves with a smile.

Digital printing is the real magic these days. When our Clients need financial reports, training manuals, proposals, short-run books or the like, our sophisticated DocuTech & DocuColor Publishing System allows us to receive files directly from Clients' PC or Macintosh computers through Internet/FTP network, and print the exact quantity in no time. We support all file formats (such as Microsoft Word & Excel, Publisher, Adobe Creative Suite and Database Program) and we can handle multilingual documents (English, Chinese, French, Spanish, etc.).

Of course, hard copy from Clients is always welcomed. DocuTech's 600 dpi scanning system allows us to store unlimited number of documents optically for archiving, thus ensuring easy retrieval for editing and re-printing. Speed and quality are quaranteed.

To make sure all our Clients' needs are well taken care of, we've set up a special department to offer superb fulfillment and world-wide distribution services. The unit handles complex collations, labelling, mass mailing and packaging, and it also controls term storage of document components.

Besides, we're on-line with major international freight organizations to provide all the necessary paper work for world-wide distribution of our Clients' products.

Caring Company

Caring Company 2009 - 2021 The New Year marks a fresh beginning. The Green Pagoda Press Ltd has been awarded by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for being a Caring Company for five consecutive years. We will carry on working together with charitable organisations in implementing community-friendly practices to care for different groups in the community and promote social inclusiveness.