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Green Pagoda - Your best partner in on-line printing and publishing

GPP Self Publishing is devoted to book lovers. Our services to include printing, book binding, marketing and shipping to both local and overseas clients. You can upload your manuscript or send us a PDF for output.

Our design team can also help you with cover design, content artwork, translation and professional proof-reading. We can print almost anything for you, from manuals, menus, portfolios, thesis, color leaflet, brochures, calendars, diaries, greeting cards, photo albums to sticky labels, posters and CDs.

The new technology of Print-On-Demand (POD) allows anyone with a book idea to get into print. We support green printing. You can print without a minimum quantity. Test the market by offering your readers a handy paper back version. Or make a professional case bound version to impress your readers.

If you want to sell your publication, we can promote it on line and take orders for you. Your readers will be global.

About GPP – more than 61 years of history for Green Pagoda Press as reference.